Mature Dill Seeds

Harvesting Dill

Homegrown dill is delicious, easy to grow and easy to harvest. We'll show you how!
Elephant Garlic

Where Does That Plant Come From? Botany 101

Many varieties of plants do not grow, or grow well, from seed. To help your understanding, here's a quick botany lesson on plants and how they reproduce.
Spring Wildflowers

Plant Your Spring Flowers in the Fall

Did you know fall is the best time to plant flower seeds for next spring? Fall planting gives you that beautiful patch of flowers next year.
Slow Food Southwest Regional Meeting

Slow Food Southwest Regional Meeting

The Slow Food Southwest regional meeting in Chino Valley, AZ June 8 & 9, 2013 with several Slow Food chapters.

What’s Wrong with Our Wheat?

Today’s commercial wheat is causing many people to be sick.To find out why we look at the differences between historical wheat and today’s modern hybrid.
From New York to Africa, Why Food is Saving the World

From New York to Africa, Why Food is Saving the World

Brian Halweil shares an important message about how food can and does change the world for the better.
Emergency Seed Plan

Emergency Seeds – How to Feed Your Family in a Crisis

Survival seeds, emergency seeds or emergency seed banks have had a lot of attention lately. How useful are they, really? We take a closer look.

Hand Packing Heirloom Seeds Video

Ever wonder what goes into the packets of heirloom seeds you get in the mail? Here's how Terroir Seeds packs theirs.

Benefits of Heirloom Seeds vs GMO Seeds Video

The benefits of heirloom seeds vs GMO seeds explores what a home gardener should know and what they can do.
GMO and Glyphosate Presentation

GMOs and Roundup – How They Affect People, Animals, Soil and Waterways

Video presentation that shows the dangers of GMOs seeds and how they work with Roundup (glyphosate).
Russian Dacha Garden

Russian Dacha Gardening – Homescale Agriculture Feeding Everyone

Dacha gardening grows half of Russia's total food production in home gardens in a difficult and short-season climate, with no machine or animal inputs.
Lavender with Bee

Lavender Soothes Animals Too

Lavender has been soothing and healing people for millennium and also helps dogs and horses with stress or anxieties through aromatherapy.
Free-range Chickens

Chicken Epidemic Linked to Equine Pathogen

A pathogen carried by horses has been the cause of a deadly outbreak of respiratory illness in chickens. Here's how to protect your backyard poultry flock!
Simran Sethi on Seeds

Seeds – Getting Their Due Recognition

Seeds are the building blocks of every meal we eat; all our fruits and vegetables, all our grains, plus the meat and milk that’s raised on grass and grain.
LUther Burbank Home & Gardens

Luther Burbank Home & Gardens

Luther Burbank, a botanist, horticulturist and agronomist introduced more than 800 new varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, nuts and grains.
Basket of Peppers

Grow Better Peppers with Shade

It's easy to grow more and better peppers through the hot summer with these proven techniques. Avoid heat stresses, diseases and extend your season.

Two Options with Vandana Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva telling of the struggle to preserve heirloom seeds in her native India.
Potato Chips

Junk Food Designed to be Unhealthy And Addictive

Processed foods are engineered through the use of salt, sugar and fat to reach the consumers "bliss point" and create food addictions.
Handful of seed

All Seeds Are Not Equal

Seeds are a high priority for home gardeners. Make sure that your seeds are as healthy and chemical-free as the rest of your garden!
Pepper Seedlings

Chile and Pepper Growing Tips

Chiles can be grown with great success in many varied garden climates across America. We give you some good tips for a great start in your garden!
Heirloom Tomato Seedlings

Starting Seeds at Home – a Deeper Look

Starting seeds at home is easy and gives more choice than the local garden center. We take a deeper look at germination and the needs of the seeds.
San Marzano Tomato

World Famous San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes are world-famous with a long and storied history as the best plum tomato for sauce and pizza, canning, peeling and drying.
2014 Heirloom Seeds Catalog

Catalog Reading and Garden Planning Tips

Perusing seed catalogs and garden planning is a favorite pastime of gardeners everywhere during the cold, short days of winter. Here's some tips to help!
System Failure

Can the FDA be Trusted with Our Food Safety?

Our national food safety record sucks, as the rate of outbreaks and food recalls steadily risen since 2007. Can the FDA handle our Food Safety?
Heirloom Seeds From Our Grower

New Heirloom Seed Arriving!

We have new heirloom seed from our growers! Here is a peek into what heirloom seed looks like as it arrives to be packed at Terroir Seeds.
The Seed Underground

The Seed Underground – A Revolution to Save Food

"The Seed Underground - A Revolution to Save Food" by Janisse Ray is an amazing book for everybody, whether you are a gardener, seed saver or foodie or not.

Fun At Slow Food Terra Madre

There was lots of fun at Slow Food Terra Madre, as we showcase some of our experiences with the light-hearted side.

Slow Food Terra Madre Opening Ceremony

The Slow Food Terra Madre opening ceremony was a spectacular introduction and promise of many more incredible experiences in the following 4 days.
Money Rules

US Government Backs Down From Big Ag

After almost two years the US Government has backed down from Big Ag on legislation to improve conditions for farmers, ranchers and producers of our food.

Slow Food Prescott Potluck and Fermentation Workshop

Our local Slow Food Prescott chapter held its almost-monthly meeting and potluck, along with a fermentation workshop at Prescott College November 12, 2012.
Carlo Petrini Slow Food

Carlo Petrini’s Speech to Slow Food USA Delegates

We present Carlo Petrini's reception speech to the Slow Food USA delegates to the 2012 Terra Madre conference in Turin, Italy.

Horsepower – Direct to Consumer Online Marketplace

Horsepower is an online marketplace that helps consumers find producers and provides a portal for producers to market their goods equitably.
Local Food Economy

Local Food Movement Feeds Commercial Customers

The local food economy is entering a completely new chapter with such seemingly unlikely partners as St. Joseph Mercy Hospital of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Terra Madre, Salone del Gusto and International Congress

An introduction of Terra Madre, Salone del Gusto and International Congress for 2012. We will be documenting our trip as we progress.

Food Justice and Security Starts at Home

Food justice and food security starts with a home-cooked meal. Everyday meals with family makes a local food economy much stronger.

Caretakers of the Seeds

We do not own the seeds we sell; we are simply caretakers of the seedstock, maintaining genetic purity, quality and viability while they are in our care.
Adding Sardines

Best Homemade Fish Emulsion

Fish emulsion feeds the soil and plants with biologically available nutrients while increasing soil and microbe health. Make the best emulsion at home!

Rough Service Lightbulbs Can Kill Your Chickens

Backyard chicken owners looking to keep coops and water warm in the winter should beware of Rough Service light bulbs that can be deadly to your flock.
100% Pure Shea Butter

Shea Butter – Healing and Moisturizing Miracle

Shea butter is winning over home gardeners with its benefits,…
Betting on Sustainable Agriculture

A Banker Bets on Sustainable Agriculture

Can organic and sustainable agriculture feed us, all of us? Here's an investment banker that is betting it can and will.
Planting Heirloom Seeds

Help Build a Better World

We need to build a better world, you and I. There has never been more of a need than there is today. There has also never been a better time.
Humboldt Elementary School Garden

Real Food Reaches Critical Mass

The Real Food Challenge redirects a school's existing food budget in a positive direction, benefiting many people in its food system.
Humboldt Elementary School Garden

Why School Gardens Matter

Sophisticated New York City school kids are reconnecting with their food, and the world, through a school garden.
Francis Land House, VA

Urban Farming Examined Part II

What if urban farming isn't just about feeding the hungry? Many other crops are grown from the soil of an urban farm.
Urban Garden

Urban Farming Examined Part I

Can urban farming really work? We look at a couple of articles that showcase some different viewpoints on the feasibility of just that.
Fresh Cucumbers

How to Prevent Bitter Cucumbers

Don't settle for bitter cucumbers from your garden! Here are some easy techniques to get the tastiest cucumbers possible.
Bt or GMO Cotton

GMO Cotton May Be Phased Out In India

GMO cotton is under a re-assessment to determine whether or not it will continue to be planted as the main cotton crop in India.

Urban Farm Grows Sustainable Food in Parking Lot

Local, sustainable food is being grown in a former strip mall parking lot of the Holland Town Center in Holland, MI for local residents.
GMO Labeling Fight

Defeating GMO Labeling HIghest Priority of Big Food

GMO labeling poses a significant threat to the commercial food industry's profits, and they are fighting back.
Coffee grounds

Coffee Grounds Build Compost and Soil Health

Coffee grounds are great for soil, providing minerals and energy to decomposing microbes, buffering soil pH and feeding earthworms.