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Iced & Herbal Tea, Lemony Green Beans & Groundbreaking Programs

Iced Tea Now & Herbal Tea Later

Iced tea is a refreshing hot summer standby, but few of us think about where that tea comes from, how it’s grown or the lives of those who grow and harvest it. That’s where Rishi Organic Tea comes in. The founder travelled extensively to the tea producing areas of the world and spent time with and became friends with the growers, creating long lasting relationships that have paid off in vastly superior teas that are ethical in origin, as well as being organically grown. Rishi has established itself as one of the very few companies to eliminate any pesticide or chemical processing use from the field to tea pot, and every tea is Certified Organic to back up this claim.

Cindy and I have really enjoyed Rishi Tea personally and have two great iced teas for you to enjoy this summer:

Sweet Peach Herbal Iced Tea is based on wild honeybush with juicy peaches creating a fresh, smooth, flavorful and refreshing iced tea that is naturally mildly sweet, cuts the thirst and creates a very satisfying break during hot weather. Honeybush is a close relative of Rooibos and grows wild in South Africa along mountain slopes and valleys of the Southern Cape region. The flower blossoms smell like rich honey, giving its unique name and the tea has a unique honey aroma as well.

Summer Lemon Iced Tea is the definition of the classic summer iced tea – handpicked and carefully aged tea leaves for the best balance of tastes, then given a shot of bright citrusy lemon twist for a deeply quenching flavor combination that will stand up to the hottest summer morning in the garden.

Each unbleached, organic tea pouch will make a quart of tea. The flavors are so well balanced that we find sugar isn’t needed!

See all of our Organic Teas here!

For those that want to explore herbal teas a bit deeper, we have an Herbal Tea Collection that includes a great introductory book that covers planning, planting, growing, harvesting and drying herbs for teas, as well as a section on blending them for your particular taste preferences. There are five herbs that work very well as a foundation for your learning about herbal teas.

Start growing your Herbal Tea Garden here!

Lemony Green Beans

Green beans can be a blessing in disguise – they are a welcome addition to the dinner table in the spring when they first arrive, but can soon wear out their welcome as their prolific nature is truly shown. Just how many ways can they be prepared without being the dreaded green vegetable on the plate?

We love them this way;  a very simple, easy and fast way to make them unique and delicious. They can easily balance a rich roasted chicken or grilled meats, but also add to a fish or seafood plate.

Get the recipe here!

Groundbreaking Programs

We continue to be amazed and humbled by the astounding quality of programs that we are honored to work with. Recently, we’ve worked with Chipotle and Slow Food USA School Garden project in educating and inspiring over 2,000 kids and families in the Phoenix area to plant a seed and start gardening.

In just the past week or so, we’ve worked with two inspiring programs that are really demonstrating how a small group of dedicated and motivated individuals can create a deeply, profoundly positive effect in their communities that then become models for other communities to replicate, spreading the benefits much farther.

The first project is truly a collaborative effort between the Slow Food USA School Garden program and Chipotle, Slow Food Southern AZ and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. The project was a teacher education and inspiration workshop to engage more teachers in the Tucson school district to start or expand school gardens in their schools. It was hosted at Manzo Ecology, a school greenhouse at Manzo Elementary school in Tucson – shown in the photo above. We supplied six different seed packets for each teacher to use in the upcoming fall school session. Thirty teachers came together and learned about health department certification, seed saving, cultural relevancy, composting, and curriculum integration.

The second project is with Ed Able Flowers, based in Melbourne, Australia. People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are able to use their unique talents and skills in all aspects of growing edible flowers for restaurants, chefs and markets in the Melbourne area. In doing so, they can earn a livable wage, find their place in the workplace where they are the most valuable and work towards a state of independence that has been completely out of reach until now. We have just shipped an initial, trial selection of flowers and herbs for the program to try out.

Things become much more interesting with the involvement of a university that is helping psychology students use the program as real-world research into how ASD patients function and can be channeled into a better use of their talents and skills, improving their lives in the process. MBA students are studying the business model, improving and tweaking the processes for future growth.

In the short time that Ed Able Flowers has been running, lots of new information and research findings have been uncovered that will help others suffering from this often misunderstood condition.



From the soil to the seed to the food you eat – we’ll help you grow your best garden!

“We believe in a world of healthy soil, seed, food and people. Everyone has a fundamental need for vibrant food and health, which are closely linked.

 We work to achieve this by challenging and changing conventional gardening thinking, providing successful and unique methods and techniques while inspiring the power of choice and action for the individual.”

Stephen and Cindy Scott

Terroir Seeds | Underwood Gardens

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