School Fundraising

Who Else Wants Easier, Better Fundraising?

Great fundraising should be easy and fun to do, with questions answered and support throughout the activity.

Our seed fundraising program benefits your school, your students and the gardening public.

Ideally it does more than simply raise money for this year’s project – it creates a feeling of accomplishment and strengthen a child’s sense of self. These lessons stay with and guide them for the rest of their lives, creating the framework to make better decisions and accept challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles.

For a club or small organization, fundraising often means being more independent and making decisions and choices which are best for the club or group.

Using heirloom garden seeds as a fundraiser works in many directions – kids learn about setting and accomplishing goals, working with others and achieving something bigger than themselves, while helping to create a better world – one garden at a time.

Your organization earns 50% of what is sold.

For example, if your group sells 200 collections, you earn $1,000.

Heirloom seed fundraising is ideal for:

  • School projects
  • School gardens
  • Eagle Scout projects
  • Community garden projects
  • Club and after-school activities

It’s easy to get started!

Just click one of the links below!

We offer two brochures –

  • The Organizer brochure has all of the details and information, along with the master order form for parents, teachers, or organizers to run a successful fundraiser.
  • The Participant brochure is a single page brochure with the information to collect orders by the participants.

Questions? Email us and we’ll answer them!