Zone 6

Zone 6 has a medium length growing season, long enough for most vegetables to ripen before frost sets in. Long season varieties – those over 100 days – should be planted with caution and proper frost protection.

A last frost date of late April to mid-May and a first frost date of late September to early October means a frost-free season from late May to mid to late September. These dates are general guidelines, so watch the weather forecasts before planting.

A medium growing season with an average low temperature of -5°F mean starting indoors and providing early and late frost protection, combined with careful choices of maturity rates will give a good harvest.

Scroll down to see the vegetable planting guide. The orange color shows when to start seedlings indoors, the yellow is times to transplant or direct sow and the green is harvest dates.

To find your USDA hardiness zone, click the link. Enter the code on the security pop-up (it is case-sensitive), then enter your ZIP Code to see your zone. If you click where you live, a window will pop up showing your exact zone info.

US Gardening Zones

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Zone 6 Planting Guide

Zone 6 Planting Guide