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Cover Crops Beat Garden Weeds

Planting cover crops benefits your garden in many ways, beyond just soil improvement. Weed suppression, attracting pollinators, and nutrients for next season are some examples.
Cover Crop Mix

Which cover crop mix is best for me?

Our cover crop mixes benefit the soil in multiple ways. You can't go wrong with either one, so we’ll show you which one is best for your garden.
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Cover Crops – Better Soil in a Month

Cover crops – also called green manures – have improved soil for thousands of years. We look at what one month of growth provides in an average raised bed.
Buckwheat Cover Crops

Cover Crops FAQ

Our cover crops have created lots of questions about how to use them, so we've made this article a Q&A format for the most frequent questions.
Crimson Clover Cover Crops

Planting Cover Crops for a Better Garden

Cover crops are an easy, effective and inexpensive way to improve soil fertility and help manage weeds, pests and diseases. Don't let your soil go naked!