Entries by Stephen Scott

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Preserved whole lemons is a centuries-old tradition where salt and lemon juice mellow the bitterness and create highly addictive sweet, salty, and sour flavors heavy with savory citrus aromas.

Lime-Mint Freezer Pickles

Lime and mint are not usually thought of together (if at all) in combination with pickles, but they should be! The lime-mint flavors work together with the cucumbers to make something much more than the sum of their parts – bright, refreshing, and absolutely addictively delicious.

Heirloom Corn – Grow It to Save It

Heirloom corn is one of our oldest domesticated foods, feeding us for an estimated 7,000 years. Originating in Mexico, this cultivated grass is highly versatile and adaptable, providing so much more than simply food for our lives today. See some delicious varieties and how to grow in a small space.

Build Your Own Seed Starting Station

A seed starting station helps you germinate seeds better and grow stronger transplants for your garden. Better gardens start with robust, healthy seedlings; they grow from the ideal conditions a seed rack provides. We share our 20 years experience in how to build your own.

Growing Peppers 101

We look at the basics of growing both sweet and hot peppers in your home garden and some mistakes to avoid and myths to be aware of. Armed with a little knowledge, you’ll be much more successful this season!

Planting a Pollinator Feast

Planting a pollinator feast of herbs and flowers is a simple way to a better garden this season. They are food and shelter for insects and birds while providing aromatherapy, culinary, and medicinal benefits to us gardeners.

A Garden’s Beauty

A garden’s beauty lies within each person who sees it, reflecting their experiences, dreams, and hopes. We see through the lens of our own reality, so no two people see the same garden.

Easy Herbed Mayonnaise in 30 Seconds

Real, traditional mayonnaise has only five simple ingredients but is rarely made fresh, which is truly a shame. Discover how to make fresh delicious mayonnaise in 30 seconds with our recipe, and don’t worry about running out of the store-bought stuff ever again!