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Swiss chard Italian style

Chard Of Many Colors

Chard is like a reliable friend, always there, it is one of the greatest, and often least appreciated, of all the gifts from your local farmer (or garden).

Hortopita or Greek Spring Greens Quiche

Hortopita is a savory pie that is stuffed with horta, or edible spring greens and feta cheese between filo pastry sheets.
Wheat and Lentil Soup

Catanian Wheat and Lentil Soup

Zuppa Di Grano e Lenticchie or Catanian Wheat and Lentil Soup is an ancient farm soup that is enjoying a resurgence in its home country of Sicily.
Sorrel Leaves

French Sorrel or “Lemonade in a Leaf”

French sorrel is known as "lemonade leaf" and has been prized for its nutritional and culinary qualities for centuries. In many climates it will nativize.