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Citrus Herbs for Your Garden

How to Grow Citrus Flavors in Your Garden

These eight easily grown herbs bring fresh, bright and invigorating citrus scents and flavors to your kitchen and garden, even if you can’t grow citrus trees.
Indoor Herbs

Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing herbs indoors is one of the easiest ways to capture the flavors of summertime any time of year, but especially during the middle of the winter.
Mature Dill Seeds

Harvesting Dill

Homegrown dill is delicious, easy to grow and easy to harvest. We'll show you how!
Lavender with Bee

Lavender Soothes Animals Too

Lavender has been soothing and healing people for millennium and also helps dogs and horses with stress or anxieties through aromatherapy.
Free-range Chickens

Heirloom Gardening for Backyard Chickens

Raising backyard chickens is becoming increasingly popular, no matter where you live. Growing heirloom vegetables is the best way to feed them well.

The Versatility of Herbes de Provence

Classic Herbes de Provence is very versatile, being used in French cooking from meats and vegetables to stews, soups and breads. Give these recipes a try.