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Roasting Peppers

Growing Peppers 101

We look at the basics of growing both sweet and hot peppers in your home garden and some mistakes to avoid and myths to be aware of. Armed with a little knowledge, you'll be much more successful this season!
Chile de Agua For Sale

Chile de Agua – An Unknown Heirloom Chile from Oaxaca

Discover the Chile de Agua, a delicious but unknown heirloom chile from Oaxaca, Mexico, grown for over 300 years.

September Garden Vegetables

We’ve taken some glamour shots of September garden vegetables and wanted to share them with you, along with tips on how we enjoy them in different dishes.
Heirloom Chile Inspection

Growing Quality Heirloom Chiles

Take a short trip with us to see what goes into growing quality heirloom chiles from a world-class breeder.
Basket of Peppers

Grow Better Peppers with Shade

It's easy to grow more and better peppers through the hot summer with these proven techniques. Avoid heat stresses, diseases and extend your season.
Pepper Seedlings

Chile and Pepper Growing Tips

Chiles can be grown with great success in many varied garden climates across America. We give you some good tips for a great start in your garden!