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Rabbit in Garden

Critters In The Garden Questions

We share some of the best ways our customers have found of keeping critters out of the garden and your heard-earned veggies!
Fungus Gnats

Controlling Fungus Gnats in Seedlings

Fungus gnats are more a nuisance than a real problem in seedlings, but we'll show why they show up, how to monitor and control them.
Seedling Damping Off

Damping off – Causes and Control

Damping-off is a soil borne fungal disease that can attack almost all young vegetable seedlings. We show simple methods to control and treat damping off.
Garden Cleanup for Pests and DiseaseTerroir Seeds | Underwood Gardens

Late Season Pest and Disease Prevention

Pest and disease prevention is a major topic for many gardeners and for good reason. We take a top down approach to manage for next season with easy tips.
Aphids on Leaf

Controlling Aphids Naturally

Aphids are perennial pests that gardeners deal with, often with very mixed results. We'll show you both prevention and treatment methods for aphids.
Blossom End Rot

Blossom End Rot – What To Do

Blossom end rot is a perennial problem for gardeners. We'll show you both preventative and immediate techniques to minimize this all-too-common disease.
Free-range Chickens

Chicken Epidemic Linked to Equine Pathogen

A pathogen carried by horses has been the cause of a deadly outbreak of respiratory illness in chickens. Here's how to protect your backyard poultry flock!
Milk as Soil Improver

How Milk Improves Soil Health

Milk, in surprisingly small amounts, can make multiple significant positive impacts on the health and productivity of your entire garden.
No Destructive Bugs

Home Garden Bug Solution

Here's a recipe we’ve found to be effective in dealing with unwanted insects and other bugs in your garden in a non-toxic way.

Squash Bugs and Ways to Deal With Them

We explore the most effective natural means of controlling the destructive squash bugs in your vegetable garden.