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Acres USA Feature: Soil to Seed

Family Company Fosters Seed Freedom

Want to learn more about what makes Terroir Seeds different? We are excited to be featured in the January 2015 issue of Acres USA magazine, the voice of eco-agriculture for over 40 years. This will give you great insight into what makes Terroir Seeds so unique in today’s seed world.

These varieties are featured in the article – Australian Butter Squash, Zapotec Tomato, Concho Chile, Chile de Agua, Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean, Collective Farm Woman Melon and Rosemary.

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Acres USA Soil to Seed Article

Acres USA Soil to Seed Article

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  1. narf77
    narf77 says:

    What an excellent article. You also answered a question that has been nagging me for a while now. I am an Aussie and buy a delicious light skinned pumpkin from a small local grocers. I eat a lot of pumpkin and wanted to share the name of the pumpkin with my friend. I had NO idea what it was and have been doing a bit of research to narrow it down but when I saw the Australian butter “squash” (we call them pumpkins) in your article I found it! How incredible that I had to come halfway around the world to solve my little dilemma. Cheers for clearing that up for me and kudos on a most awesome article and wonderful blog that I recently started following :).


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