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Growhaus Sign

GrowHaus – Making Good Food Happen

GrowHaus is an indoor farm, marketplace and educational center in north Denver, CO. They live their motto of "Healthy food is a right, not a privilege."

From The Range To The Garden

A short look at the foundation of Terroir Seeds with an article we wrote for Range Magazine in 1996 after attending a Public Rangelands Grazing Conference.
Acres Article Soil to Seed

Acres USA Feature: Soil to Seed

The January 2015 Acres USA magazine features Terroir Seeds. This will give you great insight into what makes Terroir Seeds so unique in today’s seed world.
Vandana-Shiva with Cindy and Stephen

Future of Food: Dictatorship or Democracy?

Is the future of our food a democracy or dictatorship? How can we choose to make our food system a better place? We look at some possibilities.
Coconut Geranium on Seed Screen

Seed Quality from Two Perspectives

Seed quality is important to the home gardener, small scale grower and large farmer. Make better choices and buy wiser by understanding seed quality
Farm Woman Melon Basket

Resiliency and the Ripple Effect

Resiliency once was similar to self-sufficiency, and it still applies in that respect. Positive ripples come about when others learn resiliency and share.
Wendell Berry

Thoughts on Selected Wendell Berry Quotes

Wendell Berry's quotes have had a profound impact on me and what has become Terroir Seeds. I share thoughts on a few quotes on gardening and growing food.
Industrial Agriculture

Are We At The Peak of Industrial Agriculture?

What if we are at the peak of industrial agriculture, like Peak Oil? What if this is as good as commercial, industrial and corporate agriculture gets?
Black Friday

Hate Black Friday? Don’t Participate!

“Black Friday: Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.” Sound ironic?

Benefits of Heirloom Seeds vs GMO Seeds Video

The benefits of heirloom seeds vs GMO seeds explores what a home gardener should know and what they can do.
GMO and Glyphosate Presentation

GMOs and Roundup – How They Affect People, Animals, Soil and Waterways

Video presentation that shows the dangers of GMOs seeds and how they work with Roundup (glyphosate).
Carlo Petrini Slow Food

Carlo Petrini’s Speech to Slow Food USA Delegates

We present Carlo Petrini's reception speech to the Slow Food USA delegates to the 2012 Terra Madre conference in Turin, Italy.

Caretakers of the Seeds

We do not own the seeds we sell; we are simply caretakers of the seedstock, maintaining genetic purity, quality and viability while they are in our care.
Planting Heirloom Seeds

Help Build a Better World

We need to build a better world, you and I. There has never been more of a need than there is today. There has also never been a better time.
Spider Milkweed Plug

Growing Milkweed for the Monarch Butterfly

Terroir Seeds recently helped coordinate a milkweed growing project to benefit the Monarch butterfly. Here's the full story!
Francis Land House, VA

Overlooked Benefits of Home Gardening

Home gardening offers many benefits, some you can hold and eat along with many others that you can't. See these overlooked blessings.
Garden as Therapy2020 Terroir Seeds | Underwood Gardens

Home Gardening As Therapy

Home gardening can be one of the best therapeutic activities available. Regain your sanity with your hands in the soil.
My Favorite Heirloom Seeds

Where Did My Favorite Heirloom Seeds Go?

Why does your favorite heirloom seed varieties disappear from the catalog or website, sometimes reappearing and sometimes not? We show you some reasons!
Heirloom Seed Corn

The Tale of Two Seeds- Heirloom vs Hybrid Seed Production

A look at two seed production models- heirloom seed vs hybrid seed- is presented from a quality vs quantity viewpoint.

The Cycle of Terroir- From the Soil, to the Seed, to the Food You Eat

Healthy soil plus healthy seed grows tasty food and healthy people. A simple, systematic approach to healthy soil, seed and food is presented.

Coffee CSA- a Great Deal for Everyone

Buying your coffee directly from the grower with CoffeeCSA makes so much sense, to so many people on so many levels.
Gary Nabhan Seed Quote

Terroir Manifesto for Eating

The Terroir-ist's Manifesto for Eating asks you to deeply consider where your food comes from, in in considering it, get to know it much better.

Can One Person Really Make a Difference Today?

Can one person really make a difference in the food system today? This is how one person can make the change that they seek in healthier, local food.
Heirloom Seed Corn

Thought Provoking Article About Our Food System

Are you truly part of the positive change in the food system, or are you part of the status quo -even while thinking you are helping change along?
Slow Food Southwest Regional Meeting

The Food Movement, Rising

Michael Pollan writes about the Food Movement. The Food Movement is local, small scale and fresh food as opposed to shipped, commercial and tasteless food.
Seed Planting

Heirloom Seeds Give Us Resiliency

The diversity of heirloom seeds gives a resiliency that provides a real answer to the collapse and catastrophe of today's chemical industrial agriculture.
Heirloom Seed Corn

Heirloom Seeds and Plants

Heirloom vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs are varieties that have remained popular with home gardeners because they grow well and taste great.

What is Terroir Seeds and how does it relate to Underwood Gardens?

How Terroir Seeds came to be, with an heirloom seed growing home gardening background, Stephen and Cindy purchased Underwood Gardens and moved forward.

Why Heirlooms Seeds Matter

Heirloom seeds, along with heirloom herbs and flowers have seen a tremendous growth in the past few years. Why do heirloom seeds matter?