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Herbed Dried Tomatoes

Herbed Marinated Dried Tomatoes

Herbed Marinated Dried Tomatoes make incredibly thoughtful gifts. You can't buy the flavor of these herbed tomatoes, anywhere, at any price.

Hortopita or Greek Spring Greens Quiche

Hortopita is a savory pie that is stuffed with horta, or edible spring greens and feta cheese between filo pastry sheets.
Wheat and Lentil Soup

Catanian Wheat and Lentil Soup

Zuppa Di Grano e Lenticchie or Catanian Wheat and Lentil Soup is an ancient farm soup that is enjoying a resurgence in its home country of Sicily.

The Versatility of Herbes de Provence

Classic Herbes de Provence is very versatile, being used in French cooking from meats and vegetables to stews, soups and breads. Give these recipes a try.

Mediterranean Pan Roasted Vegetables

Mediterranean Pan Roasted Vegetables are wonderful as a side to outdoor cooking or as a basis for a fresh, healthy meal.

Heirloom Oregano: A Culinary Herb in a League All its Own

Oregano is a common kitchen herb, but is used for more than cooking. Experience the amazing flavor and aroma this easy to grow heirloom herb offers.