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USDA Cold Vault

Seed Testing and Preservation: A Behind the Scenes Look at Seed Testing Labs and the USDA

Everyone wants higher quality seed - from the home gardener to the production grower. Seed testing and seed preservation improve seed quality.
Coconut Geranium on Seed Screen

Seed Quality from Two Perspectives

Seed quality is important to the home gardener, small scale grower and large farmer. Make better choices and buy wiser by understanding seed quality
White Sonora Wheat Head

White Sonora Wheat – Perfect Grain for the Home Gardener

White Sonora Wheat is popular again as many claim it's the best flour for cakes, breads and tortillas.Easy to grow!
Spring Wildflowers

Plant Your Spring Flowers in the Fall

Did you know fall is the best time to plant flower seeds for next spring? Fall planting gives you that beautiful patch of flowers next year.
Emergency Seed Plan

Emergency Seeds – How to Feed Your Family in a Crisis

Survival seeds, emergency seeds or emergency seed banks have had a lot of attention lately. How useful are they, really? We take a closer look.

Hand Packing Heirloom Seeds Video

Ever wonder what goes into the packets of heirloom seeds you get in the mail? Here's how Terroir Seeds packs theirs.

Benefits of Heirloom Seeds vs GMO Seeds Video

The benefits of heirloom seeds vs GMO seeds explores what a home gardener should know and what they can do.
Simran Sethi on Seeds

Seeds – Getting Their Due Recognition

Seeds are the building blocks of every meal we eat; all our fruits and vegetables, all our grains, plus the meat and milk that’s raised on grass and grain.
Handful of seed

All Seeds Are Not Equal

Seeds are a high priority for home gardeners. Make sure that your seeds are as healthy and chemical-free as the rest of your garden!
San Marzano Tomato

World Famous San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes are world-famous with a long and storied history as the best plum tomato for sauce and pizza, canning, peeling and drying.
Heirloom Seeds From Our Grower

New Heirloom Seed Arriving!

We have new heirloom seed from our growers! Here is a peek into what heirloom seed looks like as it arrives to be packed at Terroir Seeds.
The Native Garden

Heirloom Seeds and The Native Garden

Heirloom seeds and native plants can create beneficial relationships providing more positive results than either one could alone.
My Favorite Heirloom Seeds

Where Did My Favorite Heirloom Seeds Go?

Why does your favorite heirloom seed varieties disappear from the catalog or website, sometimes reappearing and sometimes not? We show you some reasons!
Handful of seed

What Are Heirloom Seeds?

Discussion of the origins and benefits of heirloom seeds along with the differences between heirloom, hybrid and GMO seeds.
Heirloom Seed Corn

The Tale of Two Seeds- Heirloom vs Hybrid Seed Production

A look at two seed production models- heirloom seed vs hybrid seed- is presented from a quality vs quantity viewpoint.
Seed Planting

Heirloom Seeds Give Us Resiliency

The diversity of heirloom seeds gives a resiliency that provides a real answer to the collapse and catastrophe of today's chemical industrial agriculture.
Fall Garden Salad

Heirloom Gardens From Seeds

Incredible, exceptional taste is the single biggest reason so many people are turning to heirloom gardens for their fresh vegetables.

New and unique heirloom seed collections available online now.

We have an initial 14 collections that are specially priced and carefully selected to make your growing experiences as easy and rewarding as possible.

Why Heirlooms Seeds Matter

Heirloom seeds, along with heirloom herbs and flowers have seen a tremendous growth in the past few years. Why do heirloom seeds matter?