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Succession Planting – Boosting Garden Production

Succession planting is basically one crop following another in the same space to maximize the amount of food produced. We'll show you how to do it!
Sowing Seeds

Seed Orientation During Planting Improves Germination

Seed orientation during planting isn’t something that most gardeners pay attention to, but perhaps they should as it could improve their germination rates.
Spring Wildflowers

Plant Your Spring Flowers in the Fall

Did you know fall is the best time to plant flower seeds for next spring? Fall planting gives you that beautiful patch of flowers next year.
2014 Heirloom Seeds Catalog

Catalog Reading and Garden Planning Tips

Perusing seed catalogs and garden planning is a favorite pastime of gardeners everywhere during the cold, short days of winter. Here's some tips to help!
Seed Planting

Succession Planting for the Home Gardener

Succession planting is attracting home gardeners who discover much more production possible from their current garden without chemicals.
Moscow Spring Garden

Planning and Planting Your Spring Garden

Here's 11 great home garden planning ideas, along with several tools to help your heirloom seeds do their best in your home garden this year.
Cool Season Vegetables

How to Plan for Fall and Winter Gardening

Successful Fall and Winter Gardening depends on summer planning for cool season harvests. We show you an easy way for great fall produce!

Don’t Plant Your Garden Too Early…

Planting your spring garden early might give you a head start on yummy vegetables, or could result in the loss of your efforts if there is a spring snow!