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Direct Sowing Anasazi Bean

Direct Sowing Your Garden Successfully

Direct sowing can be done almost any time of the year - spring, summer or fall.. Read how to avoid common problems and set yourself up for success!
Seed Germination at Seed Savers Exchange

Easy Seed Germination Testing at Home

Our easy and simple germination test shows whether your seeds are good or not with supplies in your kitchen. Stop guessing and know for sure!
Cucumber Seedling Germination

Seed Germination Observations

Seed germination is affected by several factors – moisture, temperature, light, soil and time. We look at a recent test we did and lessons learned.
Kellog's Potting Soil OMRI

Potting Soils – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Potting soils come in all shapes and sizes, but do those potting soils really work as advertised and contain healthy, wholesome ingredients to help your precious seedlings get that critical head start they need?
Aquaponics Process

Successful Aquaponics Seed Starting

Successful Aquaponics Seed Starting is fairly simple, but there are a few basic things to know before getting started. Here's how to start successfully.
Fungus Gnats

Controlling Fungus Gnats in Seedlings

Fungus gnats are more a nuisance than a real problem in seedlings, but we'll show why they show up, how to monitor and control them.
Heirloom Lettuce

Improve Lettuce Seed Germination

Lettuce seed won't sprout in too warm soil, so it's ideal for early and late season planting. We'll show you when and how to plant for the best results!
Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed

Milkweed Seed Germination Procedures

Milkweed Seed Germination uses soaking and rinsing of the seeds to remove a naturally occurring chemical from the seed surface for better germination.

What Happened To My Seed Germination?

Seed germination issues happen every spring and challenge many new and experienced gardeners and growers. We cover the biggest hurdles and how to fix them.
Sowing Seeds

Seed Orientation During Planting Improves Germination

Seed orientation during planting isn’t something that most gardeners pay attention to, but perhaps they should as it could improve their germination rates.
Heirloom Tomato Seedlings

Starting Seeds at Home – a Deeper Look

Starting seeds at home is easy and gives more choice than the local garden center. We take a deeper look at germination and the needs of the seeds.

Heirloom Seed Starting Made Easy

Successful heirloom seed starting at home can be simple and easy using the proven techniques we show you in this new article and video.
Seed Starting Mix

Seed Starting Media for the Home Gardener

Good seed starting media is essential for healthy strong transplants for the home gardener. We show the different elements for a great seed starting media.
Tomato Seedling

Successful Heirloom Seed Starting for the Home Gardener

A look at a successful small scale heirloom seed starting setup. We show you the components used, how they work together and how you can create your own!

2011 Terroir Seeds Growing Season Update- 3/6/2011

The snows have melted off, but the clouds are gathering for more rain or possibly snow showers and we show our progress for this year's garden.
Tomato Seedling

2011 Terroir Seeds Growing Season- Intro and Updates

Through a series of videos, you can watch how we start seeds, what equipment and techniques we use, and see the growth of our trial garden.