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Garden Cover Up Mix Cover Crop2019 Terroir Seeds

Cover Crops Beat Garden Weeds

Planting cover crops benefits your garden in many ways, beyond just soil improvement. Weed suppression, attracting pollinators, and nutrients for next season are some examples.
Heirloom Marigold flowers as trap crops

Trap Crops – Organic Pest Management for Gardeners

Trap crops – also called intercrops – is an older technique using sacrificial plants as a decoy to lure invading pest insects away from your vegetables.
Citrus Herbs for Your Garden

How to Grow Citrus Flavors in Your Garden

These eight easily grown herbs bring fresh, bright and invigorating citrus scents and flavors to your kitchen and garden, even if you can’t grow citrus trees.
Heirloom Carrots

Grow Delicious Carrots from Seed to Harvest

Carrots are a cornerstone of the garden; they etch themselves into our memory from the very first bite. Learn what they need to grow the tastiest ones.
Spring Leaf Lettuce

Spring Garden Soil Elixir

A Spring garden soil elixir that is easy to mix, completely non-toxic and hugely beneficial to jump-starting your garden's soil for planting.
Heirloom Eggplant2019 Terroir Seeds | Underwood Gardens

Growing Great Eggplant – What You Need to Know

Fresh-picked, home-grown heirloom eggplant is sweet and delicious and we’ll show you how to grow it and enjoy it at its best!
Hardneck Garlic Bulbs

Grow Great Hardneck Garlic at Home

Hardneck garlic has a more complex, richer, spicier flavor that is more 'garlicky' than the supermarket types. We show you how to grow your own great garlic!
Heirloom Corn at Red Rock State Park

Heirloom Corn – Grow It to Save It

Heirloom corn is one of our oldest domesticated foods, feeding us for an estimated 7,000 years. Originating in Mexico, this cultivated grass is highly versatile and adaptable, providing so much more than simply food for our lives today. See some delicious varieties and how to grow in a small space.

Build Your Own Seed Starting Station

A seed starting station helps you germinate seeds better and grow stronger transplants for your garden. Better gardens start with robust, healthy seedlings; they grow from the ideal conditions a seed rack provides. We share our 20 years experience in how to build your own.
Living shade structure

Shade Your Garden for Better Vegetables

Shade for a garden is a polarizing subject – it seems like we’ve either got too much or too little. Today we’re focusing on gardens that need shade and showing you easy and simple ways to add some shade to your garden.
Onions Drying

3 Ways to Grow Great Onions from Seed

Onions grown from bulbs or transplants are a good way to get started, but growing your onions from seed opens up a world of diversity in tastes, shapes, sizes, and colors. Seed-grown onions are just better all around!
Roasting Peppers

Growing Peppers 101

We look at the basics of growing both sweet and hot peppers in your home garden and some mistakes to avoid and myths to be aware of. Armed with a little knowledge, you'll be much more successful this season!
Monarch on Echinacea

Planting a Pollinator Feast

Planting a pollinator feast of herbs and flowers is a simple way to a better garden this season. They are food and shelter for insects and birds while providing aromatherapy, culinary, and medicinal benefits to us gardeners.
Handful of soil

Beneficial Soil Organisms – the Team Players

Beneficial soil organisms are the team players working tirelessly to improve your garden soil and feed your plants. Learn who they are and how to help them!
Aspens on granite

A Garden’s Beauty

A garden's beauty lies within each person who sees it, reflecting their experiences, dreams, and hopes. We see through the lens of our own reality, so no two people see the same garden.
Unscented Handmade Organic Soap

Handmade Organic Soap

A bar of organic soap seems simple sitting in your hand, but it must do a lot – creamy lather that cleans while moisturizing, feels good and lasts well – all in one bar.
Shea Butter Products

Shea Butter Heals Hands While Healing Lives

Real, pure Shea butter is handmade with incredible healing properties. Our partnership ensures it heals the lives who produce it while it heals our hands.

Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden

The Ethel M chocolate factory in Henderson, NV has a delightfully unexpected surprise – a relaxing and refreshing botanical cactus garden! Impressive peace and beauty in the city.
Arugula Leaves

Arugula – the Wild, Ancient, Hip and Versatile Green

Arugula might just be the perfect cool season aromatic salad green for the home gardener. Used as an herb, salad green, and leafy green vegetable it's a very versatile ingredient.
Cool Season Vegetables

Cool Season Vegetables to Love

Gardeners are sometimes baffled when thinking about cool season vegetables. This quick checklist will help you choose what you like to eat and cook with.
Cover Crop Mix

Which cover crop mix is best for me?

Our cover crop mixes benefit the soil in multiple ways. You can't go wrong with either one, so we’ll show you which one is best for your garden.
Lettuce Shade Detail

Grow Lettuce in Summer

Grow lettuce through the summer without bolting with a little knowledge and preparation we'll share with you. Imagine your own fresh lettuce this summer!
Red Clover Sprouts

Homegrown Sprouts Safety

Homegrown sprouts are an excellent alternative to meat, especially for vegetarians and vegans. They are healthy and nutritious if grown, tested and sprouted right.

Spring Onions – When and How to Plant

Spring onions are easy to grow and give great harvest in about two months. See how to choose, plant, grow and harvest them!
Salsify Flower

Salsify – the Vegetable Oyster

Salsify or oyster plant is an ancient herb that was eaten as a vegetable by the Greeks and Romans. Hardy and tasty, it is being rediscovered today.
USDA Cold Vault

Seed Testing and Preservation: A Behind the Scenes Look at Seed Testing Labs and the USDA

Everyone wants higher quality seed - from the home gardener to the production grower. Seed testing and seed preservation improve seed quality.
Week Old Sprouts

How to Grow Sprouts at Home

Sprouts need only 5 minutes a day, matures in about a week and has more nutrients per calorie than any other type of food. Easy to grow and delicious!
indoor herbs

Indoor Herbs – Better Than Houseplants

Herbs work harder than your ordinary houseplant. They bring fragrance to the room, flavor to the food and can grow year-round. Here's 8 easy growing herbs!
Garden Knowledge

Increasing Your Garden Knowledge

One sure way to improve your garden next year is to increase your garden knowledge during the slower season. This is easier than you might think.
Jack Be Little Pumpkins

Grow Great Pumpkins from Seed to Harvest

Pumpkins are an important fall mascot, from jack-o’-lanterns to delicious foods. After all, what says Fall more than pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pies?
Shea Nuts

18 Shea Butter Benefits

Shea butter is the “superfood” for skin - rich in vitamins A, E and F, along with essential fatty acids and nutrients for healing while it moisturizes.
Original Shea Butter

How to Use Shea Butter

Shea butter might be the world’s first skin care cream! This original, hand-crafted moisturizing and healing butter is naturally high in vitamin A and E.
Herbs in Containers

Forest Highlands Kitchen Garden

Discover how a kitchen garden works in a cold, challenging climate. This 29 year old garden was put back into growing vegetables for the kitchen in 2015.
Bee on Buckwheat Blossoms

Cover Crops – Better Soil in a Month

Cover crops – also called green manures – have improved soil for thousands of years. We look at what one month of growth provides in an average raised bed.
Candy Sweet Spring Onions

Fall Onions Made Easy

Growing fall onions usually comes down to one question - “What onions can be grown this fall?” Sweet onions are the safest bet, we'll show you why!
Buckwheat Cover Crops

Cover Crops FAQ

Our cover crops have created lots of questions about how to use them, so we've made this article a Q&A format for the most frequent questions.
Crimson Clover Cover Crops

Planting Cover Crops for a Better Garden

Cover crops are an easy, effective and inexpensive way to improve soil fertility and help manage weeds, pests and diseases. Don't let your soil go naked!
Jericho Heirloom Lettuce

Second Chance Gardening

Fall is the "Second Chance" for an abundant crop of cool season vegetables. We share some unique planting tips to make your garden a success!
Biting Insect - Mosquito

Biting Insects Repellents You Can Grow

Biting insects are the bane of gardening – just when it's perfect to enjoy the garden those annoying biting insects join the party. These 8 herbs will help!
Direct Sowing Anasazi Bean

Direct Sowing Your Garden Successfully

Direct sowing can be done almost any time of the year - spring, summer or fall.. Read how to avoid common problems and set yourself up for success!
Seed Germination at Seed Savers Exchange

Easy Seed Germination Testing at Home

Our easy and simple germination test shows whether your seeds are good or not with supplies in your kitchen. Stop guessing and know for sure!
Pitcher of Milk

Milk and Molasses – Magic for Your Garden

Do you know the magic of milk and molasses in improving your garden? Plain old milk is a miracle for plants, soil and compost. Molasses boosts the benefits!
Ripe Vine Peaches

Vine Peach – Ancient Melon of Many Uses

Vine Peach is a hardy, drought tolerant, prolific ancient baseball sized melon of many uses from shade & windbreak to secret cooking element & room perfume.
Seed Savers Exchange Garden

Easy Garden Ideas

A garden can be easy and simple, with food, flowers, butterflies or just a spot with beautiful colors and relaxing, invigorating scents to relax after work.
Thai Basil

Heirloom Basil – So Much More Than Pesto

Basil is much more than an Italian herb for pasta sauce and pesto. From sacred uses to food, medicine and aroma, it's easy to grow and highly beneficial.
Intercropped Lettuces

How to Grow More from Your Same Garden Space

Growing more from the same garden space might seem impossible. We share a few proven and tested techniques perfect for today’s gardens, large or small.
Alpine Strawberries in Hand

Alpine Strawberries have a Sweet History

Alpine strawberries have captivated our taste buds for a very long time. They are tiny yet hugely flavorful ancestors of our common strawberry.
Papalo Leaf

Papalo – Heat Loving Cilantro Alternative

Papalo is a fabulous, unknown, ancient Mexican herb you should be growing. A heat-loving cilantro alternative, its flavors are both bolder and more complex.
Handfull of Achocha

Achocha – the Unknown Cucumber Relative

Achocha is a delicious and unknown member of the cucumber family with almost complete immunity from the diseases and pests which attack other cucurbits.
Growing Bed Moved

Building a Recycled Growing Bed

A growing bed can be made from many materials, but when you factor in the ability to make a growing bed from recycled components, then the opportunities become almost limitless.